Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanks for the support everyone, it was a huge help. Things have been better, and Seth is on the mend! He sounds so much better, which is a huge relief! Seth went back to Dr D on wednesday morning, and he sounded so much better that we don't need to follow up again. The only thing that he noticed was that we've got thrush again. So back with the ny.statin 4 times a day (both in his mouth and in his diaper this time). Other than that, he's great! I was partially tempted to jump in the car on wednesday afternoon, but I didn't. I was good, and we stayed here as planned.

We had a nice, low key thanksgiving, which is what we all needed. My uncle and his wife and kids were here visiting my aunt's family for the holiday, so they came to lunch on Thanksgiving. Soup and sandwiches, followed by a nice walk after lunch. The kids had a blast, and we had a nice time catching up too. It was great to see them. I took naps most days, and just took it easy. I did do a little shopping, and treated myself to a few things (new jeans and a new purse!). Even got a few good deals!

Celia has had fun too. We put the tree up on Friday evening and got the tree decorated on Saturday morning. It feels like the holidays.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Seth has RSV, which we found out after being sent back to the hospital on Friday. Poor kiddo was breathing really hard, and wheezing a bit. He was admitted, and after loads of nebs, suctioning, and rest, he got sent discharged this afternoon. I can't even describe how tired I am. How hard it is to stare at your baby in a metal cage/crib, and how hard it is to have to suction out his nose, when it's all clogged and gross. Thankfully he's breathing easier, and we're home. I am soooo opening a big bottle of wine tonight and having 2 glasses.

Unfortunately with this, we are now canceling our plans to travel to Buffalo for Thanksgiving. We'll stay in MD and lay low. Just to be on the safe side. Somehow I think that shoving him in the car, driving for 8 hours to a very cold place, and exposing him to lots of other people probably isn't the best idea right now. I also had to miss a few things this weekend that I REALLY wanted to go to, and am completely bummed about missing.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend than I did.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

slightly better

Seth's lungs sounded the same as they did on Friday, according to Dr. D. Not great news, but at least they aren't worse. Just wish they'd have been better. Of course this was after his last dose of, and extending his course of that isn't the best idea (especially considering he's been on it two other times in the last two months. So instead, we're upping his pul.micort to four times a day for 3 days. We'll see how he's doing after that. Luckily, I had his 9 month well-baby visit scheduled for tomorrow, so we'll see Dr D again and have him listened to (and measured/weighed, etc). The only thing we won't do is his hep.B vaccine. We'll hold off on that- he said yesterday that there was no way he will give him any shots right now. So for now, Seth is home, away from day care, getting his nebs every 4 hours (sometimes sooner), and resting. He needs to be away from other kids/people right now, to avoid giving him anything else on top of what ever it was that initially triggered this episode.

At least I got to go to work today. Husband is at home, with Seth. I'll be home tomorrow, so I can take him to the Dr. Poor kiddo, I just want him to feel completely better and have no difficulties in breathing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We had an eventful day. Seth has had a cold since last weekend, and I was a bit concerned about it. It wasn't getting any better at all, so I took him in today to see what the Doc thought. We got to see Dr D, and within 5 minutes, he was getting an albut.erol treatment. Seth was really wheezing a lot, to the point where his face had a little blue tint to it. NOT a good thing. So after that, and re-checking his pulse-ox, which was still under 80, Dr D sent us to the hospital. By ambulance. I was totally freaked, but he and the nurse did a great job at calming me down and reassuring me. I called Nathan to meet me at the hospital, because I knew I couldn't manage it myself without completely freaking. Thankfully we got there just after he did, so it worked out. After about 4 hours, another neb treatment (plus the one in the ambulance on the way), some oxygen, a chest Xray and some tests on nasal secretions (for rsv and flu virus) we were cleared to go home. His breathing is still not great, but at least his pulse ox was regularly over 90, and the blue was gone. Now we're on predni.solone again, and albut.erol every 4 hours. We get to go back and see Dr D again tomorrow. Talk about a stressful day!! I would have a glass of wine or something, but if he gets bad again, I have to drive to the hospital. Again. I'm hoping he's ok for the night. This whole infant asthma thing seriously sucks. And it's stressful. Seeing my precious sweet boy sitting on a gurney in an ambulance is an image I'll have with me for a long time. It's moments like that that I'm so grateful that my inlaws took the cat, and that we're doing all we can to help him breathe easier.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I spent an hour plus in line this morning, and cast my vote. I'm hopeful, optimistic, and excited at the chance for change!