Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sick again

Our christmas was great! Lots of gifts, fun, and mess. We even got to go to my friend K's house (we worked in the same lab in grad school). The bummer was when Seth decided to throw up all over himself and me. Poor little guy. Thankfully we were able to get our clothes off and washed, without causing too much fuss. He seemed fine. Until we got home and he had pooped himself with explosive force. Nasty, really. So we had a few down days, and he seems to be starting to feel better. No more pukes, but still has some nasty poop and isn't eating much. Went to the Doc yesterday because he was getting thrush in his diaper again (and I thought in his mouth but I was mistaken there). But we spent a good 15 minutes with Dr D, and talked out everything. He does think that seeing an ENT is a good idea, so we're in the process of making an appointment for that too. We're also trying probiotics, since he was sick, and on antibiotics, and starting signs of thrush. Hopefully will help him avoid a full outbreak again.

Another annoying thing- yesterday. Nathan was home sick (same virus Seth had), and was watching him for a few while I went to give blood. I've been trying to for months now, and every time I get close to the appointment, I've been on antibiotics again. This time I wasn't, so I went. And on my way, I got rear ended again. In an intersection, with a 4 way blinking red lights. I had the nerve to make a full stop. Hah! Anyway, it wasn't my fault, and they're taking full liability. Phew. So now I have to get my car fixed again. And to make things more annoying- I couldn't give blood because my iron levels were too low. Typical.

My mom comes today, which should be awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing her and my step father. My bro and his wife comes in on the 1st too, so it should be busy around here. Have a happy new year everyone!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just our luck. I was ALL set to go into class today and teach the kids about Hanukkah. Latkes were made Sunday, and the oven was preheating. Cookies were just iced. Apple sauce purchased. All the plates, napkins, dreidels and gelt were in a bag and ready. And then the phone rings- day care had to close because of a water main break. Seriously?! I see the e-mails that the county sends out (a person at work usually forwards them on to all of us). The schools were closed, but private day cares didn't need to unless they had no water. But, mine decided to shut down. At 2. And what time was the party to be at? 2. Thankfully I hadn't heated the latkes up yet, so I packed up the cookies, and will save them for another time. Maybe tomorrow (if they are open).

At least on the plus side...I got to pick the kids up at 1:30. So we got to spend some extra time together. I made a big bowl of popcorn, put on a movie, and curled up with the kids. It was really nice.

Monday, December 22, 2008

back to the grind

Both kids went back to day care this morning- I can't believe it! Here's to hoping the week is easy, and they both stay healthy for the holiday. Of course, Seth's nose started running again, but what can you do? I'll have to post the list of things you're supposed to keep kids home for- it's a riot. If I followed it strictly, he'd NEVER be in day care, and I'd be out of a job for sure.

Had a busy weekend. Finished up the Hanukkah/Christmas shopping. Finally. Made Xmas cookies and Latkes, and wished I could spend more time resting. Ended up at ChuckECheese for a birthday party for Celia's friend, which was fun. She had a blast. which made it worth it. Just a few more days til Xmas, and it will all be done with. Phew!

Friday, December 19, 2008

2 for 1.

I love our pediatrician. I can't say that enough. I took the kids in for Celia's appt, (only Celia, because Seth just started meds, and didn't "need" to be seen). Celia has a lung infection, so it's antibiotics for her. And apparenlty she's wheezing a bit too, so we're using albuterol for her too. Joy! Then, he took a look at Seth's ears after he asked if I had started the antibiotic. He asked how he was, and I said that once we saw the temp hit 101, that we started it. He looked in his ears, and yup- ear infection on the left. He was glad I started them when I did. Just proves that my judgement sometimes can be correct. Phew. I knew Celia's cough wasn't right, and I'm glad I took her in. And its nice to have the confirmation that Seth did have an ear infection.

The sad part- I can't go in to Celia's holiday party today. I was supposed to teach the kids about Hanukkah, bring in a menorah, dreidel, and latkes. Luckily I hadn't cooked yet, so I'll just do it for Monday or Tuesday.


Seth definitely has an ear infection now. Started treating it yesterday, and already he's down to 99! Yeah! And he is much happier. Of course, last night, after the kids had a bath, Nathan comes in singing to me "do you hear what I hear?", referring to Seth's wheezing. Just our luck. Thankfully, this morning, he actually sounds pretty good, so hopefully treating it at the first sign with albuterol last night helped. That, and a combo of higher doses of other meds.

Now, because things have to be fun around here, Celia has a horrible cough. The kind that stops her in her tracks and hurts when she coughs. So we're going to the doc this morning to have her checked out. Always fun over here. Ha.

Monday, December 15, 2008

bad girl!

I haven't posted in a while, because there really hasn't been much to talk about. Seth had been healthy (notice the had?!), Celia is healthy, I wasn't...but that's another story. Gotta love UTIs...seriously. 3 within 8 weeks- WTF?!!! SO unfair. At any rate, we've been pretty low key. I hate the holidays, so I just tend to burrow into a shell, and stay in it until they are over. I try so hard not to do that, especially with Celia being older now, but I can't help it. Instead, I'm throwing myself into the holiday spirit. I'm having Celia help me bake TONS of cookies. She helped me do all of the cut out cookies. The cutting out and the decorating. And helped me with the jam thumbprints too- rolled them in the egg wash and coconut. She even paused the TV during the times when I was ready for more help (only have 3 larger cookie sheets and there were LOTS of cookies to make!). It was incredible.

I'm also going into Celia's class on Friday with gelt, dreidels, a menorah, candles, latkes and applesauce to teach the class about hanukkah. It's going to be an interesting experience, because I don't know much of the details myself (thank goodness for the internet!!), but they asked parents if they wanted to come in and teach about some of our holiday traditions. So I figured why not?Her teacher was actually really excited, because she wanted to do all this stuff, but doesn't have the budget for it, and couldn't afford to pay out of pocket for everything. I just wish she was actually going to be there for it- she's on vacation this week. I may see about stretching it to next week, but we'll see.

Yesterday was the TOOTPU cookie exchange, which was SO much fun! I loved seeing everyone, chatting, catching up, and of course- eating loads of cookies.

Of course, as my luck would have it, I get home and think to myself- "Boy, Seth sure feels a little warm? I must be wrong!". As I helped get him ready for bed, I brought out the thermometer- 100.3. Hmmm. Cranky. Runny nose for over a week. Ding, ding, ding-- ear infection? Maybe? I let it go, and he went down great. This morning, he was still a little warm (100), so I figured it's better to be safe than sorry, and took him in to see Dr D. You know you're a frequent visitor when the nurse on the phone recognizes you as she's scheduling the appointment, and switches your spot from another Dr to Dr. D so we can see him instead. She said "because I know he likes keep a close eye on him". Great. Anyway, he's got loads of clear fluid in his ears. For now. He said that likely in the next few days, it'll turn to an ear infection. Given he has a cold virus, that he has the fluid, and he's prone to ear infections. At least we don't have to go back. If he's not doing better by tomorrow/Wed or if he gets worse, I'm supposed to call and he will send over a perscription for antibiotics. Gotta love that kind of service. At any rate, he's sleeping, I'm getting some work done, and hoping that he'll be able to fight it off fast and be well instead fo sick for the rest of the week. On a positive note, Dr D said that his lungs sounded the best he's heard in a long time- CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! Yeah!!!