Monday, December 22, 2008

back to the grind

Both kids went back to day care this morning- I can't believe it! Here's to hoping the week is easy, and they both stay healthy for the holiday. Of course, Seth's nose started running again, but what can you do? I'll have to post the list of things you're supposed to keep kids home for- it's a riot. If I followed it strictly, he'd NEVER be in day care, and I'd be out of a job for sure.

Had a busy weekend. Finished up the Hanukkah/Christmas shopping. Finally. Made Xmas cookies and Latkes, and wished I could spend more time resting. Ended up at ChuckECheese for a birthday party for Celia's friend, which was fun. She had a blast. which made it worth it. Just a few more days til Xmas, and it will all be done with. Phew!