Friday, December 19, 2008

2 for 1.

I love our pediatrician. I can't say that enough. I took the kids in for Celia's appt, (only Celia, because Seth just started meds, and didn't "need" to be seen). Celia has a lung infection, so it's antibiotics for her. And apparenlty she's wheezing a bit too, so we're using albuterol for her too. Joy! Then, he took a look at Seth's ears after he asked if I had started the antibiotic. He asked how he was, and I said that once we saw the temp hit 101, that we started it. He looked in his ears, and yup- ear infection on the left. He was glad I started them when I did. Just proves that my judgement sometimes can be correct. Phew. I knew Celia's cough wasn't right, and I'm glad I took her in. And its nice to have the confirmation that Seth did have an ear infection.

The sad part- I can't go in to Celia's holiday party today. I was supposed to teach the kids about Hanukkah, bring in a menorah, dreidel, and latkes. Luckily I hadn't cooked yet, so I'll just do it for Monday or Tuesday.