Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sick again

Our christmas was great! Lots of gifts, fun, and mess. We even got to go to my friend K's house (we worked in the same lab in grad school). The bummer was when Seth decided to throw up all over himself and me. Poor little guy. Thankfully we were able to get our clothes off and washed, without causing too much fuss. He seemed fine. Until we got home and he had pooped himself with explosive force. Nasty, really. So we had a few down days, and he seems to be starting to feel better. No more pukes, but still has some nasty poop and isn't eating much. Went to the Doc yesterday because he was getting thrush in his diaper again (and I thought in his mouth but I was mistaken there). But we spent a good 15 minutes with Dr D, and talked out everything. He does think that seeing an ENT is a good idea, so we're in the process of making an appointment for that too. We're also trying probiotics, since he was sick, and on antibiotics, and starting signs of thrush. Hopefully will help him avoid a full outbreak again.

Another annoying thing- yesterday. Nathan was home sick (same virus Seth had), and was watching him for a few while I went to give blood. I've been trying to for months now, and every time I get close to the appointment, I've been on antibiotics again. This time I wasn't, so I went. And on my way, I got rear ended again. In an intersection, with a 4 way blinking red lights. I had the nerve to make a full stop. Hah! Anyway, it wasn't my fault, and they're taking full liability. Phew. So now I have to get my car fixed again. And to make things more annoying- I couldn't give blood because my iron levels were too low. Typical.

My mom comes today, which should be awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing her and my step father. My bro and his wife comes in on the 1st too, so it should be busy around here. Have a happy new year everyone!!