Friday, January 2, 2009

will it ever end?

My mom and step father came in on Tuesday, so I've been a bit busy with them. Some cooking, some shopping, some fun, and some more sickness. Because it wouldn't be me without mentioning more sickness in one of my posts. Seth is still a bit sick, his stomach was back to normal for a whole 24 hours, and he's started with the runs again. Plus his breathing is turning to crap again. More wheezing, coughing and the like. I feel like a broken record. Luckily Celia is healthy (Knock on wood!). My mom and step father, brother, SIL, DH, the kids and I went to dinner last night, which was fun. I had my favorite thing from Macaroni Grill, the honey balsamic chicken, and a few glasses of their house chianti. Everyone else ate different things, but all were yummy. This morning we were all supposed to go to have portraits taken, and my mom called saying that she and my step father were sick. Stomach viruses, sour stomach with the fever/chills, head ache, weakness, etc. So they ended up leaving today and heading home (though only made it 1/3 of the way home because they were feeling too sick), while the rest of us had breakfast (salami and eggs- a family favorite!) and then went for pics. It was awesome! A woman I knew from work had recommended a photographer to us (she is one too, but on break for a few months), so we went to his home and had some pics taken. He took a ton of them, all different combinations of us. Some of the kids by themselves, together, then some of me with the kids, me with each one, all 4 of us, then some of my bro and his wife, some of me and my bro, some of my bro, his wife and the kids, etc. It was fantastic! I can't wait to see them. I was initially a bit worried because the baby didn't get his morning nap in, but thankfully he was happy, and ended up having a blast. The photos will be online in a day or two, and I can't wait to see them!!

Here's to hoping the rest of the weekend is great, and the baby feels better. My bro and SIL have some friends in town too, so we won't see them again. We have the weekend to our selves, and can rest and get some things done. Ended up at The Container Store yesterday and I picked up a new unit for the pantry. We had a nice over the door thing with slots on it, that the previous owners had put on, but it was cheap and kept banging when we opened the door. So I got a nice elfa system for it. I can't wait to install it!

New Years Eve was nice, I made a standing rib roast with a currant gravy, that was fabulous. After my mom and step dad left for their hotel, we went to a neighbors house for a party. Then I came home with the baby at 9:30, and the hubby and Celia stayed out til 12:30 (don't get me started on him keeping her out that late= I'm still really pissed about that). I just chilled out and watched some reruns of Friends on the Tivo, and went to bed after I realized they wouldn't be home before midnight. Anyway, it was fun. It was great to see my mom and step father, and spend some time with my brother and his wife today/yesterday. Now I"m ready to drop, and will do so shortly. Tonight Celia and I having a sleepover in the office/guest room. Some good, quality mommy/daughter time will be had! I can't wait.