Thursday, January 8, 2009


We saw the ENT today, Dr C. She saw him, looked in his ears (where we find that his right ear has fluid in it= thus explaining the fever/crankiness from the last few days), and sent him for hearing tests. Thankfully they came back normal. Except for the one test they do in the hospital when they're born- dont' remember what it's called. But she repeated that. And his left ear is fine, but his right one failed. Due to the fluid in his ears, most likely. Makes a lot of sense. So, after the test, we spoke with the doctor again, and she immediately recommended ear tubes. So after going over the pros/cons, procedure, etc, we scheduled him. So he gets tubes put in on the 3rd of february. And in the mean time, we get to watch out for his fever to spike which would be a sign that he has an actual ear infection now. The fluid is there...just gotta wait for infection to start. Just lovely. That will make 3 weeks between ear infections. And he has been wheezing a bit.

So I bought this stethoscope which came in this week. I have been listening to his lungs every day, to get a feel for what he sounds like, and to train my ears a bit. I used to be an EMT in NY about 14 years ago, so I'm trying to remember what things sound like. The first few days he sounded pretty good, just a little wheeze here and there, but nothing really significant. Then yesterday, there were more of them. Needless to say, he's gotten some albuterol, and I'm keeping a close eye on him. Hoping to avoid an appt with Dr D tomorrow, but we'll see.