Tuesday, March 31, 2009

so many things, so little time

A recap of the last few weeks:

Seth has been sick AGAIN. Another sinus infection. And he ended up back on ora.pred, after wheezing like crazy for a few days. Poor baby can't catch a break.

Seth went to the ENT again, to see if there is anything they can do for him, with recurrent sinus infections. Thankfully (or not), there is nothing. We just have to keep him on strong antibiotics for 3 full weeks, and irrigate his nasal passageway daily. I ordered a kit and it arrived yesterday. Thankfully he doesn't mind it too much. After the irrigation we use Naso.nex to help reduce swelling in the passages. Here's to hoping it works!!

Celia had a sonogram and Xray to help figure out what is going on with her bladder. She's still having daily accidents (at 5 years of age), and she's even getting frustrated with it. We meet with the Urologist on Friday to see what the results are.

I took Celia to the airprot last monday, and picked her up last friday, so she could travel to Disney World with my mom and step dad. Thankfully I was able to go through security with her, and even got to have lunch with my mom/stepfather both days. They had an absolute blast, and Celia can't stop talking about Disney, and the fun things she did and saw. I can't wait to take her some day!

I had a huge show and sold a ton of yarn! I was completely overwhelmed, and thrilled at the success.

I also will be having my yarn in a booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. More details on that to come! But I'm thrilled, and am busy getting all the yarn I'll need dyed up for it.

I took some of my profit and put it towards credit cards, which was very satisfying. And took more and bought more yarn. And took some more, and put it towards part of a camera that I've been wanting. I bought it this weekend, because I really need to be able to take true to color photos for my shop. It's incredible. And the pics I've taken have been outstanding. I'm in love with a camera. I admit it.

Planned a weekend away in May, with me, my MIL and my SILs in Pennsylvania. We're meeting in the middle, in Williamsport, and going to chill out, craft, and relax all weekend. With out any kids. It's going to be great!

I think that is all. I leave you with a pic I took of the kids over the weekend with my new camera. They are just so adorable!!