Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We met with the allergist yesterday, and all I can say is that she is FANTASTIC!! I love her. AND, she sees adults too. So I can see her and get myself squared away too.

Anyway, she was great. She spent about 45 minutes with us, and went over everything. I have to say I'm so lucky to have the doctors that we have for Seth- they all actually care, and are willing to spend extra time with us. We went over his whole history, his symptoms, his asthma episodes, and the like. She definitely wants to do major allergy testing on him (next week, after he has been off his zyr.tec for a week), but she also wants to do an immune workup on him. Lots of bloodwork, to make sure we're not missing anything. And if the skin test comes out inconclusive, we can just do blood tests at the same time. Nice. We also had a follow-up with Dr R (the pulmonologist) today, and he was definitely happy to hear that we're getting the immune workup done. We'll see what it says. And he's hopeful that after spring, we'll be able to back off his meds a little. I'm not optimistic, but he is. Nice to think about the possibility of this getting better. He also wants us using the Naso.nex daily, as well as the Zyrte.c (after the allergy testing). Anything to help is a good thing. We're off to a good start this week with him too- his breathing was crystal clear!!

Though Celia is another story. She had a little bit of a temp yesterday, and cold symptoms. I kept her home and had her rest all day (with the exception of going to Seth's appt with us), and got some work done. She was fine today, but tonight I noticed she is warm again. Took her temp and it was 100.1. I'm curious to see what it is at in the morning. Bah.