Monday, July 14, 2008

And the verdict appears to be...

Infant asthma. Most likely. We have a upper GI scheduled in 2 weeks, to rule out reflux or other issues. But the Doc we saw was fantastic. He spent a good 20 minutes in the room with us, asking me tons of questions, and listening to my guy. He was thrilled to hear that the wheezing seems to be worrying me and Dr D more than it's upsetting Seth. Apparently that is very good news. So we're to continue the predni.sone until tomorrow (the full 5 day course), and then just use pulm.icort through the nebulizer once a day from now until we see him again (immediately following the upper GI). And see how things are going.

As far as the cats go, he said we'll see how Seth does over the next week. Since we're going away, and won't be around the cats, it would be a good test to see if they are bothering him. But that it may very well be the root of the problem, and we'll talk about that at our next visit. He seemed great. And didn't dismiss any of my concerns, though did make a point of telling me that he'd been practicing for 22 years, and that he'd seen it all. And that I have a very happy and healthy little boy, minus a bit of wheezing. I feel so much better "knowing" what the problem is, and having a plan of how to fix it. Or at least live with it.

Here's my question to you all: Do you have any experience with infant asthma?? Any advice would be great.