Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I think Seth is doing better. At least his mood is better, and he's sleeping better, so I call that a win! He went back to day care today, since they're able to use the nebulizer for him. He got one treatment while at day care today, and another when we got him home. Of course he passed out before I could do one more before bed, so my husband will have to do it in the middle of the night when he wakes up. Poor baby is still wheezing like crazy. And it's hard to know when to worry. When he gets upset or cranky, he wheezes more. But then again, sitting in his swing or bouncer, or on his mat, he still wheezes even when he's playing quietly. Even an hour after the al.buterol, he's still wheezing. His Pediatrician said to call if it got worse...but what is worse? It's really about what it has been for at least a week and a half to two weeks now. Maybe I'll call tomorrow. Though he does have an appointment on monday, so maybe I'll just wait. I hate this! I am always worried about wasting the Drs time. I know it's silly, but I really do worry about that.

Work has been crazy. The last few nights I've been up til at least 10 working. But since I stayed home monday and tuesday, I did have work to make up, and make sure I didn't have to take any actual time off. Especially because if I do take time off, I will be a few hours short on time for our mini-vacation at the beach in 2 weeks. 5 days at the beach, and I can't wait! I so need the break! And, its' a long weekend this weekend, so I'm really excited! I'm hoping to finally prime and paint the bathroom, so I can post pics of our new bathroom!

Celia has hit a milestone- 2 days in a row dry!!! I'm over the moon with excitement, and am really hoping that she's starting to come around. My fingers are crossed. That's 4 days in the last 2 weeks! This is the best she's done in nearly 5 months.

I need sleep...I'm exhausted. I've been working on this post about how it feels to be 1 year past transfer, but it's emotionally draining, so it's taking me some time. Hopefully this weekend I'll find a block of time and just hammer it out.