Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Seth is sick. Sunday night, I should have figured out that something was going on when around 10PM, he was still awake. And cranky. My usually very content baby was irritable. So Monday morning when he woke up and felt warm, I knew why he was cranky the night before. While he was warm, his temp wasn't too high, so I figured I'd keep him home and monitor him to see how he was doing. No sense in taking him to day care, only to have them call me an hour later to pick him up. So I took a shower and went back and forth on whether to take him to the doc. Then I remembered a skype chat I had had with Nathan last week, where I told him that I was mildly concerned about Seth's breathing. He had been congested for a few weeks, and almost sounded like he was wheezing. But of course, with work, and other things, I didn't hear it again, so I never took him. After I showered I asked Nathan what he thought, and said that if I was keeping him home, there was no harm in getting him checked out. So I did. And I am SO glad that I did.

Apparently, Seth has an ear infection in his left ear. Which the Dr had to clean out because it was too waxy to even see in there. Definitely infected. And as he's examining him, he's asking me "how long has he been breathing like this?", to which I say probably for about a week or so...maybe longer, but not consistently. Yeah, he's definitely wheezing. A lot. And you can see him working to breathe in his abdomen. So he set us up with a nebulizer in the office, gave him a dose of al.buterol, and then listened again. Thankfully the wheezing had gotten better, so he sent us home with a script for antibiotics for the ear and al.buterol for the neb (which we already have one of from Celia's bouts with croup). So far his mood has been a bit better at times, a bit worse at times. And his breathing is still not great. In fact, I'm off to use the neb again. At least I now know that he weighs 15.8 pounds. When did that happen?! And we go back next monday for his 4 month check up (yeah...a little late, kind of forgot to call until right before his 4 month birthday), and to talk about his breathing. Probably get him tested and stuff. Poor baby.