Thursday, July 24, 2008

only time will tell

Thankfully we should know pretty quickly what's going on with my husband's job. He works for a down-pay.ment ass.istance organization, as a software engineer, so it's not like there will be many out there looking for few jobs. He should be able to find something relatively quickly when the time comes. It just depends on how long they have, how much they have in reserves to keep paying them while they figure out what else they can do to bring money in, and lots of other things i don't know anything about. At any event, there's nothing we can do. And the bill passed in the Ho.use yesterday, so it's on it's way to being put in place. Hopefully Nathan's work will have a meeting today letting everyone know what's really going on. I hope. At least it will be quick, and everything should be set by the time the aug. break happens. Probably.

Of course, I'm a little bummed because IF the housing market wasn't in such bad shape right now, we could sell our house and move back to Buffalo...but since it's a mess, we can't afford to do it. And because the market is such a mess, they're working hard to get this bill into effect. Before, I was hoping that it would happen sooner, so we could make the move. Now it's later, and the market is a mess, and we can't afford to lose out on all of our equity if we were to sell today. Gotta love how things work sometimes.