Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

My mom left early this morning, so all is back to "normal". I have to say, I really loved having her here. There's just something about having my mom around that makes everything feel OK. She took great care of Seth, had some fun with Celia, and spent some quality time with me and Nathan. It was really great. I'll miss having her around! It was really a huge help having Seth well taken care of and being able to go to work without any worries. My step father even drove down yesterday to pick her up so she didn't have to fly home. I guess he was feeling a bit jipped because my mom got to spend all that time with the kids, and he was missing out. It was nice. Of course, we were supposed to go up there this weekend, but that got put on the back burner for now. Have to find time this spring to go up.

We've had a quiet Valentines day. I even got to take a 3 hour nap today! Talk about spoiled. We decided to not do anything "big" for the holiday (or for the kids birthdays or our anniversary in light of having to rodent-proof the house). So I made pasta for dinner, and we're going to just chill out and relax the rest of the evening. Celia had a "sweetheart dance" at school yesterday, so Nathan took her to that while I stayed with the baby. Since they got back and she was toast, our weekly "sleepover" got postponed til tonight. So tonight, we'll all have a sleepover in our bed. Sethy is in his room, of course. And we're in our room instead of the guest room because of the rats. They are really in the wall along the office (burrowing in under the siding at the fireplace). They are also in the corner of the wall in our room, but we'll have Nathan to protect us. :) She is such a cutie.

On the day care front, I've met with two in home places. Liked them both, and am trying to decide what to do. It would be nice to have an extra hundred dollars a week, that's for sure.