Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have the best mom.

Really, I do! My mom is just amazing.

The phone rang this morning at around 9 (believe it or not, just after we finished breakfast- banana pancakes and sausage). My mom had an idea. She has some time built up at work, and she was offering to fly down for a few days to help take care of Seth during the day, so N and I can both go into work. I never would have even thought of this as being an option, and here she was, offering it up. We hung up, and she asked me to think about it, talk it over with N, and call her back later.

I got some dyeing done, some for my yarn club, some for fun. Talked it over with the hubs, and we both decided that it was the perfect solution. She's willing to help us out, and with Seth still sounding horrible, and us not being able to send him to day care yet, it works perfectly. And now I won't be forced to send him back to day care on tuesday or wednesday before he's ready. He can be home all week, without giving it a second thought. I called my mom back, and accepted her generous offer. She's flying in tomorrow (N will stay home with Seth) and will leave on Saturday. She'll be such a huge help, I can't even explain it in words. I've been so nervous about having to tell my boss I'd be out a few more days this week. Now I don't have to be! I'm completely overwhelmed by her offer, and am so grateful that she's able to help us out like this. Especially now, with the economy being as it is, and the job market being even worse, if we were both to lose our jobs at the same time, we'd literally have to move back home, live in my mom or my inlaws house, and deal that way. Doesn't sound like fun. I wanted to move back there eventually, but not like that. Hopefully this will be Seth's last go of it for a while. Everything crossable is crossed.

On a selfish note, I'm excited to get to spend some extra quality time with my mom! And without having to drive up to B-lo. So instead of driving up north next weekend, we'll take it easy, let Seth rest up, and get some things done around the house. We've even made some progress in that department this weekend! N loaded up the back of my CR-V with stuff from the garage (torn out carpet and vinyl flooring, trash from when we did the bathroom, and loads of other random things), and took 2 trips to the dump. We got the kitchen a little better organized, emptied a few boxes of random crap/clutter that have been in the kitchen for months and months. Definitely nice.