Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ups and downs

The ups:
The rats/mice/chipmunks that were getting into the walls are now officially BANNED! The Trapper came yesterday, and a full day later, and the labor of 2 men, the house is now rat-proof. Yes!!

I found Seth a new day care! It's right around the corner from us, no further than his other place, just in the opposite direction. Is way cheaper (like 135 cheaper per week), fewer kids, 2 fabulous teachers, in a home setting. And they were totally fine with the asthma, and offered to give him nebs when he needs them. Perfect!! OH- and thanks to Mamasource, the first 2 weeks are FREE.

The downs:
Celia is sick. She has a horrible cough, and when she coughs/sneezes, her throat hurts. So she gets to go to the Dr this morning. And likely stay home. Bah.
ETA: Celia has a cold. But nothing more. Since sh'es been pretty congested for about a week, and Seth has had a sinus infection, Dr D gave us a script for antibiotics. I'm to fill it if she's not better tomorrow. So she's at school, and I"m at work. Today. We'll see about tomorrow. I hate when my gut tells me to keep her home, but my fear of losing my job trumps that.

I'm getting nervous about my 2 appointments this week. Tomorrow is my baby's first birthday, and the first thing I get to do is see my OB/GYN- the man who delivered my little guy. Kind of fitting I guess. I'm curious to see what's going on down below. And see if I have an actual problem, or if the "atypical squamous cells" are due to the uti I had. Which the nurse said may be the case. I'm hoping it's not hpv...or something more. But if it is, I'll deal with it. I'm not looking forward to the urologist appt. But it will be nice to be able to finally put an end to the UTIs. At least for a while. Just not excited about the possibility of being scoped. OUCH.

More ups:
My baby turns 1 tomorrow!! Where has the time gone?

My baby girl turns 5 in a week and 1 day!! How did she get so big so fast??

I've managed to sell off a ton of my yarn to help pay for the repairs. Sad to see it go- some of it I had big plans for. BUT, when money is tight, there is nothing else to do. Thank goodness for Ravelry...lots of knitters went crazy on my for sale stash, and now I have some cash.