Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And now we wait.

Yesterday my hubby went in for his ultrasound (the tech said everything looked normal), and his bloodwork (some hormones and karyotyping). I looked at the films last night, which was a little weird, but at least it's done with. We have an appt. next week with the Urologist to go over the results, and so he can meet me. I'm definitely curious to find out what he says. Does my hubby need a surgery to fix something? Does he need different supplements? Or hormones? Or do we just jump straight to IVF? I'm finally getting comfortable with the possibility that we might have to use IVF, and we have to wait again. And of course, as my luck would have it, my cycle is off this "month". Usually, I get a nasty cramp 4 weeks after my period, which they tell me is ovulation, and get a period 16 days later. I have yet to get the cramp, and it's been almost 5 weeks. So frustrating!!