Thursday, April 12, 2007

hubby's turn

Well, today was my hubby's turn to get checked out. He went to see a urologist this morning. I figured it was his thing, that it wasn't necessary for me to go, and apparently the doc does want to meet me. So next time I get to go. He has an ultrasound scheduled for Monday, so we'll see if anything is up then. That and some bloodwork. I was hoping to have time to sit and talk a bit tonight, but since my husband had a lunch meeting and a dinner meeting, and he still isn't home (it's almost 10), that isn't going to happen. He did call me after it was over and pick me up to go sit over coffee for a few minutes. He told me what the doc said (nothing much), and definitely stressed how he wants to meet me. I thought it was a little odd, but i guess it makes sense. Apparently he really wants to know where I am mentally in all this. How long I want to really wait before trying, how long we want to give things a chance to work before throwing in the towel and just doing IVF. Questions I hadn't really thought about. It was funny- I actually almost started crying in the middle of Panera. I think it was when he said something about how he keeps hoping that it will be something minor and easily fixable, and then I'll just get pregnant- forgetting that I'm half of the reason we're not conceiving. That that part will just go away once he's all ok. I guess I'm just a little sensitive right now. I'm so glad the weekend is almost here. Just 1 more day to go.