Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another virus?!

Well, we have two options here. First is that the secondary bacterial infection (which the Dr still thinks he has because his lungs are pretty crappy), is a bacterial infection that aug.mentin will not work on. Either being resistant or another type of bacteria. The other option, is that on top of the original virus and bacterial infection, he's now got another viral infection. The Dr is leaning towards that, but we won't know until the blood count comes back tomorrow.

On another note, I purposely did NOT give Seth his nebs this morning because I wanted Dr D to hear him breathing, and get some verification that what I was hearing was, in fact, wheezing. Let's just say that I'm not crazy!! He didn't like it one bit, and we did a neb treatment right in the office so he could listen to his lungs after and see how well it helped. They were better, but he was still wheezing after the al.buterol. So, now we're back to every 4 hours on the albut.erol, twice a day on the pul.micort, AND 2mL twice a day of pred.nisolone. Plus the 2mL of Zan.tac and the au.gmentin. Poor kiddo is getting tons of meds right now. I'm just hoping they help. His temp is a little better, but still not perfect. We'll see what happens tomorrow.