Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Celia: Better!! Went to Dr D yesterday, who said she does NOT have a UTI (her urine results were iffy at best, and the culture showed NO growth!!). Yeah!! She's finally back at preK today.

Nathan: Doing a little better. Not horizontal all the time, but still not back to normal. Will likely be home again tomorrow since he's still not feeling great. Poor guy.

Seth: Still sick. Has a fever still of 100.8 this morning. Dr. D said that he wasn't comfortable with the fact that Seth has had a fever for 8 days (as of yesterday), and that it's likely that he developed a secondary infection. Especially considering there was mucus in his lungs, and bacteria love mucus. SO, we'll see what the antibiotic does. And if he's not better by tomorrow with no fever, Dr D told me to call him.

Me: I'm still fine!! I can't believe I've managed to avoid it. I'm sure sleeping in the baby's room instead of my bed has helped. I even managed to run to the mall on Sunday and do some shopping. Treated myself to a shirt, lunch, and more bath bombs.

That is all!