Tuesday, September 23, 2008


What a week! Thankfully Seth is finally better, and back at day care as of yesterday. After 2 full weeks of being out. Ouch!

Where were we when I last posted? I took Seth to the ped on Wed, and we had blood drawn. So, thursday, Dr D called me and we talked about the blood results. Looked like it was probably another virus, which is good news. Either the aug.mentin worked fast, or he didn't need it, but he wanted to keep him on it just to be safe. He also asked how his breathing was doing (not better at that point), and said that if he hadn't improved quite a bit by the next morning (Friday), that he wanted to see him again. So friday morning, we went back to see Dr. D. He walked in and listened, and he was doing a little better (which was really good, considering I hadn't gotten to his nebs before leaving the house), which was really good news. Because if he hadn't gotten any better at all, he would have hospitalized Seth. Not happy news. Definitely not happy news. So, we chatted, and he said that he had hoped to be able to make the decision of whether or not to hospitalize him that morning based on what he saw, and that he wasn't quite sick enough to be hospitalized. But he wasn't happy with how he was doing, either. So he suggested keeping him home and continue doing what we were doing for a few more days, and see where we were on Monday. I also mentioned that I'd call Dr. R (the pediatric pulmonologist) and let him know what was up (since he wanted to be kept in the loop), and he liked that idea. He said that Dr R may even want to see us that day, and not to be surprised if that was the case. So I called Dr R when we got home at 9:15, and we had a spot at 10:15. So off we were again. Dr. R was somewhat happy with how Seth was responding to the meds, and fully agreed with everything that Dr D had us doing. He said that he could have gone up a little on the pred.nisone, but that hopefully it wouldn't be necessary. His breathing sounded pretty good (duh- had givein him nebs just before we left for that appt), but he definitely agreed that he was laboring more than he should. He said to keep Seth on the 2 doses of pul.micort a day instead of just one throughout the winter, as Dr. D had suggested. And we'll go back at our next scheduled appt in October. He did say that he was hoping after our last appt that we'd be through this wheezing patch soon, and that Seth would just grow out of it fast. But after this last bout, that we'll likely be frequent flyers with him. Lucky us. At least he's fantastic, and one of the best ped. pulmonologists in the area. That does make me feel a bit better. And with him being in agreement with our pediatrician, that makes me feel even better.

That's the update on Seth. Later I'll update on the progress with our floor.