Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, we avoided that one! Thankfully Seth does not have pneumonia. I was really getting worried for a minute there, but when 2 hit and they hadn't called yet, I was pretty sure we were in the clear. You would think that if it was bad, they would have called as soon as the fax came in with the results. Thank goodness. Poor kid does still have a fever though, only it's lower (more like 100.5 instead of 102/103). And to top it all off, this morning Celia woke up sick. So I had both kids home today, and I am now exhausted!! Celia's been sleepy, but not sleeping. She slept terribly last night, apparently woke up a few times (but I slept through the whole thing). At one point, I guess Nathan woke up to find her asleep next to him, out cold, so he left her there. When she got up, I felt her forehead when she said her stomach hurt, and knew immediately that she was staying home too. When Nathan took her temp, he yells to me from the bathroom "I have a 4 letter word for you", and I yelled the same thing back, because Seth had a temp again, after gong 12 hours yesterday without one. Can this please be over soon?? It would be nice to actually GO to work. I love being with them, but feel awful missing work for a whole week like this.