Sunday, September 7, 2008

Show and Tell

Since my daughter just started PreK, and now has Show N Tell every Friday, I decided to finally jump in on the fun!

I grew up in Buffalo, NY. And having grown up there, made it so I was very close to one of my favorite spots- Niagara Falls.

I went up there as a child, whenever we had visitors come in to town, and never appreciated it. Then when I was about 17, and in love for the first time, my boyfriend and I went up there and I was just amazed at their beauty. After he and I split in my sophmore year of college, I moved back home to go to UB. This was when I really visited the falls. Weekend after weekend, being that it was just 25 minutes from campus. We'd go up there to go clubbing, at Rumors Night Club, right up on Clifton Hill. We'd park on the American side, walk over the bridge, drink til we couldn't drink any more (for $20 american, we'd get nearly $30 canadian, and drink a LOT), and then stumble back over the bridge so we could clear Cus.toms without any problems (since we were only 19, which is legal in Canada but not in the US).

In April, I took Celia there for the first time. She absolutely LOVED it! She loved watching the water, and waves, and mist. It was such a great moment, I had to share it.

At some point, I also visited my other favorite spot, Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is a little town about 10 minutes from the Falls. It's picturesque, has great shops, restaurants, AND my favorite part, wineries. In grad school, a friend of mine (K- the one who just moved here), and I, along with a few other labmates would go up there for "tea" at the Prince of Whales hotel. They have a fabulous afternoon Tea.

I loved it so much, that my husband and I decided to take our Honeymoon in NOTL. We had a small hotel all to ourselves, went to all of the wineries we could find, tasted hundreds of wines, and bought about 50 bottles (no joke). It is a lovely town, and I go back every chance I get (including in April when I was in Buffalo for a bit). Here is Celia, in NOTL, stopping to smell the tulips (my all time favorite flower). In April, they are in bloom on every street corner, and lining the streets. Just amazing.

And here are a few pictures from a trip Nathan and I took up there with 2 friends a few years back over Thanksgiving. I love how it looks in the snow. Reminds me of one night on our honeymoon. We were there at the end of March, and we had just had a nice dinner and went for a walk. As we were walking, it started to snow (not at all uncommon for March). The big, fat, beautiful snow flakes just blanketed the town, and we practically had it all to ourselves. One thing I'll never forget.