Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Why the delay in posting the pics of the new floor?? Because Seth is sick again and I haven't had a chance to get the pics off my camera! Friday, he had a fever and stayed home with his dad. Saturday, he was doing better. But sunday afternoon, his fever was back at 103.3 (even on motrin). So yesterday back to Dr D to find out he had a double ear infection AND conjunctivitis in both eyes (which was pretty obvious with all the green puss coming from his eyes). He's now on antibiotics for the ears, and drops for his eyes, and is miserable. Still crying a lot, has no voice left (which makes his little cry so sad), and is wheezing a lot now. Of course yesterday with Dr D, his breathing was good. Today, not good. Not good at all. May be going back tomorrow, but we'll see.