Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what to do

Been busy! Finally feeling better, which is a good thing. Or I should say my throat is feeling better. This morning I woke up with the odd sensation that I was coming down with a UTI. Because I can't just have one sickness at a time. Lucky me! So I'm off to the Doc this afternoon to get more antibiotics (because one is never enough!).

Last weekend we got all of the carpets cleaned as well as the sofas and loveseats. The house is as cat-free as can be! Plus on Monday we had the ducts cleaned, so we're really doing well right now. Thanks to my mom (who offered to pay for both the rugs/sofas and duct work), and my MIL (who took the cat), we're now doing as much as humanly possible to keep Seth's breathing on track. And today, he actually sounded good for a change. Nice.

I'm starting to look forward to this weekend. At first, my husband was going to go up to Harrisburg to help the guys (his BILs and dad) build a shed for my SIL/BIL. It was the weekend of their annual camping trip, and I had begged him not to go for the camping part. The idea of being with both kids myself for the weekend, and having him far away completely freaked me out. Yes, it's irrational. But I can't help that. I'm trying though. I had mentioned to Celia last week that she probably wouldn't get to go camping this fall (because it is already almost over!), and she was really upset. I mentioned casually to my husband that it was too bad she couldn't go with him to Harrisburg and be part of the guys weekend. He said that he was pretty sure that was not what others wanted, but that he'd check and see. As it turns out, they'd rather have Nathan bring Celia for the camping part than have him just there for the day, so he's going to take Celia. At first I went back and forth on whether I thought it was a good idea, but Celia really wants to go camping, so they're going. Which leaves me for the entire weekend with the baby. Just the two of us! I'm actually really excited about having so much quality time with him. He's getting so big, and learning so much every day. I'm hoping to get to the mall, but I have no clue what else we'll do! A whole weekend and nothing to do...sounds like heaven! Hopefully he'll cooperate and be in a good mood so we can have some real fun together.