Sunday, October 5, 2008

Show and Tell 2

For my second show and tell, I am showing what we've been up to lately with our house.

First- we have our most recent project- replacing some nasty tan carpet with a bamboo floor. The hard surface will make it much easier to keep it clean for Seth, since we don't really know what's contributing to his breathing issues. And, it's absolutely gorgeous!

First, my husband tore up the carpet in the family room and hallway. This revealed a nasty vinyl floor that was green. And glued to the concrete, which was not easy to get up. It involved renting this:

Here's a lovely shot of the vinyl floor. Isn't it sooo '70's? Notice the bookshelves that are built in?? When they were built in, they were done on top of the carpet. So my husband had to take off the base molding and pull out all of the supports, just to get the carpet out of that space. Thankfully it wasn't too difficult, it will just involve some tweaking when we put the supports back in, since the concrete is lower than the carpet. And there is a slight difference between the height of the bamboo and the height of the carpet.

Here's the room once it's rid of the vinyl, carpet, and trash. Because let me tell you how much the vinyl made! Lots of heavy, heavy trash.

Lastly, the hallway.

This weekend, my in-laws are here and my FIL and husband are putting in the bamboo. I have to say it's even more beautiful in person!! I can't wait to see it done. The family room is done, and the hallway will be done today. I can't wait to show some more pics this evening once it's all done!!