Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Busy weekend/week

Last weekend, my mom and step father drove down with a trailer filled with furniture! They brought my old bedroom set for Celia to have, and it's so great to have it again! That bed is the most comfortable bed in the world. Celia has even been sleeping better, which is a real miracle. That was most of Saturday. Sunday, I got to head over to the hospital and visit Karen, who was expecting triplets at the time. But she had them today!!! Congratulations Karen- I am just SO happy for you!! Anyway, Dmarie and I met up there, and had a really nice visit with Karen, who looked absolutely incredible. I can only hope I look that good in my last month.

It's been a long week at work so far. We have an external course again (the same one I had during my transfer, that I was on bedrest for and had to miss), so I taught yesterday and today. Fun times! I'm glad to be done. Teaching is not something I'm great at, especially when most of the people I'm teaching have PhDs, and I have a Masters. For some reason it makes me more nervous. Let's just call it insecurity. Anyway, it went OK, and I feel much better now that it's done. Tomorrow I have to give a little blurb about the work I'm doing right now, which has been a bit of a nightmare, but is definitely a "real life" experience of what we deal with day to day. That should be easy. After that I have to prepare a poster for a conference I'm heading to in San Jose in October.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. Emotions have been in check a bit better. Headaches gone (hopefully I didn't jinx myself there). I'm starting to get a bit more energy, and am less tired all the time. Thank goodness! This weekend I have an appointment for a prenatal massage, while hubby takes Celia on her first camping trip since she was 18 months old (and that was at a wine festival at a race track, so it doesn't count). She's excited, and I'm over the moon about getting a whole 24 hours to MYSELF!! Then, I get to head out to meet up with the DC gals for our monthly meetup. For info, go visit LJ, who has all of the details on her blog. Why can't it be friday already? ;)