Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Friday!!!

I'm so excited that it's friday!!! That means that my course is over, and I'm done teaching until June! The next course will be offered while I'm on maternity leave- so sad! It was actually really successful, and we got some really great reviews. It is always nice to hear that the class learned a lot and will be able to use some of what you taught in their research. Very cool.

And, tomorrow- I'm free!!! I get the whole day to myself! I was under the impression that Nathan and Celia would be leaving for the campground right after gymnastics, but apparently he wants to have lunch at home. Which kind if sucks, because my massage appointment is at 10:30. But that's just too bad- I'm not switching it! I will just pretend as though they're gone. Maybe go grab a nice lunch myself after my massage, or maybe not. I'll have to think about it, and see what I'm in the mood for- always the question. I am pretty sure that I'm going to do some major relaxing though! And some major beading and yarn dyeing too. I am doing a "show" at work, like a happy hour, where employees can show off their talents. We're not allowed to sell anything, but are allowed to give out business cards and make arrangements for sales after the show. So we'll see how that goes- it's next friday. Needless to say I need more bracelets, earrings, stitch markers and yarn dyed up by then. I may decide to head over and see a movie saturday night, but I'll have to see what's playing. I've never actually gone to a movie alone before, so that could be interesting if I get the nerve to do it. Not even sure if there's anything I want to see up anyways.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll see many of you on Sunday at the DC get to gether!!!