Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I'm so exhausted, it isn't funny anymore! Friday night, I slept funny. In the process, I pinched a nerve in my shoulder, which is connected to something in my neck, driving shooting pains up it any time I move my head. In any direction. This makes it very hard to sleep. I managed to sleep OK Saturday and Sunday nights, but last night I was up a few times. For an hour at a crack. The other annoying thing about the pain shooting up my neck is that it ends in the back of my head, causing a horrible headache. I'm just glad it's the back of my head and not the front- at least I can focus a little and have gotten work done today. Not that any of the scripts I've run have worked, but I've been trying, and troubleshooting. Fun times.

I'm really glad that I have an acupuncture appointment scheduled for tomorrow. And I get to see my OB thursday morning, for my 12 week visit (I'm officially past 12 weeks! YEAH!!). Hopefully the doppler will pick up a heartbeat this time! I can't wait to hear that again. AND, thursday we have a massage therapist coming into work, and I've signed up for my half hour. I've really missed this- but they won't touch you in your first trimester. As far as I'm concerned, 12 weeks makes me past that. Phew! I haven't actually seen her since 2 days before my transfer. She's going to be excited to see why I haven't been coming.

And on another good note, I haven't spotted in 5 days now! Nothing! I'm really glad that finally stopped. It's just scary! I think I'm finally starting to believe that this is going to happen. I refuse to let my guard down, but I'm finally beginning to accept this pregnancy. I guess the 12 week mark makes me feel a little better. But I'm still worried. Especially with the headaches I've been getting. And my blood sugar issue. I'm already sick of testing 4 times a day. My fingers are sore, and I was starting to get used to not taking all of this extra medication. At least the gly.buride doesn't upset my stomach the way that met.formin does.

That's my update. Nothing too exciting.