Thursday, September 13, 2007

More energy please!

I'm nearly 14 weeks now, and I'm surprised at how tired I still am! When I was pregnant with Celia, it was like a switch at 12/13 weeks. I suddenly had loads of energy, no nausea, and wasn't falling asleep all the time. I'm still tired, still get queasy from tiem to time, and am exhausted. The headaches don't help that much either. I'll go a week without one, and then I go three days with one. Today was the third day, so I decided to work from home and take it easy a bit. I love getting to wear my cotton shorts and a T-shirt, work from the couch, and just relax. Definitely a good thing. Thank goodness my job gives me a secure ID so I can log in, and do everything I need to from home. Plus I have a lot of reading to do, and some slides to prepare for my class next week, and run some more scripts, and analyze some data. It will be a busy day!

On the plus side, my side business is going really well! I have sold 15 skeins of yarn in the last week and a half, and placed another wholesale order for yarn. I'm doing a table at a local "holiday shoppe" (in Damascus, if anyone is in the area!) in a month and a half, that I'm really excited about, and I want to have different weights of yarn for different potential projects. Mostly I sell sock yarn, but I want to do some more worsted weight yarn for scarves and that sort of thing. I can't wait for my order to come in so I can play with it. I also ordered what I'll need for a sock club that an online shop owner asked me to create for her. I almost fell over when I saw that! I'm excited though. I'm just so excited that people like my work. I know it's not an actual career possibility for me, but it is definitely supplementing my income, and paying for my yarn habbits. I should actually make money this year. And I plan to really keep it up after I move back to Buffalo.

I had a very odd dream last night. Some of it is a bit gross, but here it is. I was at the house where I grew up (which my parents sold about 10 years ago). My RE was there with an ultrasound machine, and I'm about 20 weeks along. He does the ultrasound with everyone there, and there are still 2 sacs, and the second one is still empty, but as big as the first sac. So he uses the dildo-cam to break the sac, and I feel fluid gush down my legs, and instantly I'm hysterically crying, thinking that I was going to lose the baby. He hugged me and assured me that I wasn't, that it was just the extra sac that he "burst", and that I should feel a lot better very quickly. And I did. Very strange.