Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wow, I haven't posted in over a week! How did that happen?

Today is my 32nd birthday. I don't really feel any older, and am very glad that this past year is over. 31 was quite a challenge in many ways, but it has it's good moments too. I will have a whole post in the next day or so about the fact that exactly 1 year ago, I was waiting to hear about how my embryos were growing. And tomorrow is the 1 year "anniversary" of when I had Seth and his sibling transferred. But today I'm not thinking about that. Because today is my birthday! And it's a good day to celebrate!

This morning, I woke up to Seth at 5:30. His daddy went and got him (thank you!) and brought him into bed. After a diaper change (clearly stinky, and the reason why he woke up), he curled up in my arms, with my lips against his head, and he dozed off. The second I rolled away to get more comfortable, he started to stir, so I just held him, breathing him in, for another hour or so. I love that when he's fussy, all I have to do is put him on the bed with me, put an arm around him and put my face next to his, and he calms down almost immediately. He loves his mommy, and his mommy is in love with him.

Celia came to join the party around 7, and jumped on me to give me my birthday card. Now there's a story about this...Celia has been into secrets lately. At dinner last night, she whispered in my ear that she helped her daddy make my card (write it out), and it had a doggy on it. She told me it was a secret, and not to tell her daddy that she told me. I laughed, and pretended I didn't hear it. This morning, she hands me the envelope, and says that it's my doggy card, and reminds me that she told me about it last night and that it was still a secret. She's too sweet. She then mentioned that she was excited to have my birthday cake, to which I told her that we were waiting for cake until Friday. Since my and Nathan's birthdays are 4 days apart, we figured we'd do one cake Friday instead of 2 separate cakes. She was so upset by this, that she started crying and saying how you have to have birthday cake on your birthday! She didn't understand that we wanted to wait and combine our birthdays. So I'll be picking up an ice cream cake tonight on my way home. We'll have some tonight, and some on Sunday, for Nathan's birthday.

My present was awesome! I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the new Guitar Hero- Aerosmith game, which comes out on Sunday. So my darling husband got me a gift certificate to TRU for the game. He's so cute too, because he wrote the card out to: Our Guitar Hero, From your adoring fans, for One chance to play (or something like that). He made me smile, that's for sure! And I just saw that the full set list was released, and now I really can't wait to get my hands on the game!

Tonight, I even get a bit of a break after dinner! I had a Tea party back in January. And every year, the consultant has a "hostess appreciation" tea, where she thanks all of her hostesses for having parties. So I get to go, and have a nice evening with adults while Nathan gets the kids in bed. I'm really looking forward to it!