Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2 weeks!

My little guy is now 2 weeks old! It's so hard to believe it! Had everything gone according to plan, I'd be in the recovery room right now, instead of sitting on my sofa, watching Food Network, and listening to my little guy squeaking.

Seth had his 2 week check-up this morning, and he's doing beautifully! The pediatrician was thrilled with his weight gain- he's up to 6 pounds 8 ounces, which is up 14 ounces between the 23rd and now! I am just glad he's gaining! Dr. T (who we've seen a few times with Celia, but not with Seth yet) asked about the nursing, and she was pretty happy with what I'm doing. I pretty much explained why I was doing things as I am, and she seemed good with it. She did say it's never too early to call in a lactation consultant, but understands that I need to do that when I'm ready, if at all. Which I really appreciated. He did get a heel stick to get his PKU tests done, which was hard. He screamed his head off! Since he's too little to take out for ice cream, Nathan and I decided that we should go out for lunch instead. Ok- that was my logic, but it happened to work out that we left the Drs office at 11:30, just in time for lunch.

I did go ahead and call a lactation consultant when I got home. She's going to be coming tomorrow, somewhere around his second feeding of the day. She'll call around 9 to see when he ate last, and we'll go from there. I'm curious to see how it goes. Hopefully she'll be able to help! And I'm glad that I'm trying. And, my milk supply is definitely getting better as time goes too- In the last 30 hours, Seth hasn't had ANY formula! Only breastmilk! And I still have 5 ounces in the fridge.

I go for my 2 week post-op on Thursday morning, so that should be fun. At least I will be cleared to drive then, which will be nice. He did say 2 weeks, but I want to wait until I see him again, just to make sure. Plus, I still really can't carry Seth and the carseat at the same time without having some nice tugging that I don't like. A few more days in will do us some good. I am excited to see the scale at the doctors office. I was shocked to see my weight at last weeks appointment because I was dillusional. For some reason I thought my highest pregnancy weight was ten pounds lower than it was, and realized later what I had done. I was really bummed to only have lost 5 pounds after delivering...but it was actually 15. Can you say sleep deprivation? After I realized my error, I felt better about it, and have been watching the scale a bit and eating healthy-ish still. And...I'm down even more now! I have lost 20 pounds so far! And, the coolest part- is that I'm able to wear my jeans again! I have a pair of jeans that I got last year from J. Jill (one of my favorite stores), that I absolutely love. I splurged on them (at $79 for jeans), but loved how they fit. I didn't expect to be able to wear them for another month or so, but I tried them for the heck of it this morning, and THEY FIT!! This made me get on the scale again, and I saw that I'm down below where I was before IVF! And I was doing Weight Watchers all through IVF until I got my BFP. So needless to say, I'm below where I was before I got pregnant this time. And about where I was at my lowest after I had Celia...and that was months later. Color me happy!