Thursday, March 20, 2008


This week, I had Seth's 1 month well baby visit, and Celia's 4 year old check-up. Tuesday was Seths, and he's just doing beautifully! Even though he still won't latch on (not for lack of trying though!), he's taking plenty through bottles, and is now up to 7 pounds, 12 ounces (though I'm sure that now he's up to 8 pounds)!

Then today, we had Celia's appointment. I had a few things to talk with Dr R about, and she was really helpful. Celia is doing great too, at the 25th percentile for height, and 50th for weight. She probably spent about 15 minutes in the room with us, watching and talking to Celia, and had some great thoughts on my concerns. First, Celia's having accidents again. They stopped for a while, but are now back in full force. Then there's her not listening to anyone. Not her teachers at school, not me or Nathan, and it's getting very frustrating. Then there's her need to sleep in our room at night, which she's never done before. Her thoughts?? As far as the wetting and behavior, she said that Celia is extremely bright, and that she knows exactly what she's doing. And what she needs to do. And that she's just really looking for attention right now, whether it be good or bad. She suggested trying to do some special things with her (which we do). As far as the sleeping in our room thing, she actually suggested we do a sleepover in her room once a week. To have either me or Nathan spend the night with her once a week, so she gets to have us for the night. It's definitely an interesting idea, so we're trying to figure out a way to start doing that. I just am so relieved that she thinks Celia is behaving the way she is because she wants to, and understands the consequences, instead of there being an issue (like ADHD). And the poor kid got 3 shots today too, and she did great! She saw me get the Rhogam shot in the hospital, and said that she wanted to be brave like me in the hospital, and not cry at all. It was sweet.

Then this afternoon after we got home, my friend, her mom and her two kids came over to visit. Her kids and Celia get along really well, so it was perfect. They brought pizza and cupcakes, and we chatted, caught up (since she was in FL for a month), and just relaxed. And of course, they all got to see Seth. It's cool because she's a SAHM, and we'll be able to get the kids together loads while I'm on leave, and just hang out a bit. I'm afraid I'll never want to go back to work! ;) It was also cool because her mom is a knitter, and was excited to see my "studio" where I do my dyeing, and see my yarn stash, spinning wheel, etc. It's completely out of hand, but I love it! I can't wait to start dyeing again! Hopefully in another week or so I'll get the energy up.

Other than that, not much else going on here. My SIL and her husband are coming in tomorrow for the night. Should be fun! I'm making an Easter dinner for Saturday, and she's going to help me cook, so I can teach her how to make ham and au gratin potatoes. Tomorrow I'm going to do some grocery shopping, and hit Harry and David to get some Pepper and Onion relish for an appetizer for Saturday. I rarely get into Rockville anymore- I can't wait to do some shopping tomorrow!