Sunday, March 30, 2008

He passed!

Friday, I had to take Seth back to the hospital to repeat his hearing test (that he failed several times while he was still in the hospital after he was born). He had finally passed in his right ear before we were discharged, but never passed the left ear. So yesterday was the retest. It was nice that they let me watch (since before he was just taken to the room and brought back without us having a clue what was going on). The good news is that he did pass in both ears! I'm so relieved. I wasn't surprised, since he would wake up every morning when Nathan takes a shower and is up making noise. And he reacts to loud noises. But you never know!

He's still not nursing, which is no surprise at this point. I'm going to stop pumping over the next 4 weeks, since the thing that was really important to me was getting him through the first month or two. It's really frustrating trying to arrange my whole day around when I need to pump. And it's not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world. And it's just a reminder that he won't latch on, which is just really affecting me more than I'd like to admit.

I did also go see my GP the other day, which was good. I know I need a physical after having the baby, considering my triglycerides had been high, but they couldn't treat them when I was TTC or pregnant. And I wanted to talk to her about PPD, and see when I needed to be worried and ask about seeing a therapist. First I need to say how much I love this doctor! She's fantastic. She's been there (with IF) and totally gets it. She gave me some tips on finding a good therapist, and told me to make several appointments so if I don't like the first one, I don't have to wait for another initial appt with a second one. And she sent over a script for Lex.apro to the pharmacy for me. She did say that if I decide to start it (it's totally up to me), that I should come in within a week. But that it's there for me if/when I feel like I need it. Takes one step away from the process, which I really do appreciate. So I'm going to make a few calls on Monday and find a therapist. I did pick up the perscription when I was grocery shopping today, so it is in the house. Hopefully that will mean I won't need it. But we'll see. I am already getting extremely anxious about starting back at work (and I have 6 weeks left!).

The other thing I did yesterday was order the tile for our bathroom! It was NOT cheap, but I'm in love with it. If it was our bathroom, I would have gone with something different for the border, but it is the kids bathroom, so I showed some restraint. I also picked up the paint for our bathroom, which I will hopefully get done this week. I'll post pics of the tile when I get them off my camera tonight.