Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a fun Easter weekend! My SIL E and her husband D came down Friday through Saturday. We did our Easter dinner Saturday so we could all enjoy it together- it was so much fun! And I even got some help in the kitchen, which was cool. I taught my SIL how to make ham, au gratin potatoes and glazed carrots. Yummy! And we had wine with dinner. Both nights! Man did I miss being able to DRINK! Celia had fun playing with her aunt and uncle too.

Yesterday, we went to a friend's house for brunch and an egg hunt. Again, Celia had a blast! She's getting to really be a lot of fun around holidays now that she is older. She was so excited for the easter bunny, and spent about 45 minutes looking for our easter baskets. The bunny was sneaky and hid Seth's really well, and it took Celia forever to find it! She found ours instantly, and hers after 2 minutes.

Here is a pic of Seth from this weekend. After Saturday's dinner, my BIL was holding him, and he started smiling huge! I'm pretty certain it was because he was pooping, but my SIL still managed to snap a shot of him and his toothless grin. I love it!