Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Visit with mom

This was the greatest weekend!! My mom and stepfather came in Friday afternoon, and were here visiting until tonight. It was such a great visit, and exactly what I needed. I think I spent the last few weeks SO worried about my mom and her health, that I was really upsetting myself and fearing the worst. Thankfully she's doing great! And we got to spend some good quality time together, which I really needed. Saturday Nathan and I got to go out for lunch and make a Target run, just the two of us. It was so nice to actually spend some time together. And, I got to have one of my favorite margaritas (Prickly Pear) at lunch, which was the most amazing thing I've had in ages! Sunday, my mom, Celia and I went to the mall to buy Celia some shoes. She came home with 3 new pairs, some sneakers, sandals, and crocs. Did I ever mention that my mom has a thing for buying kids shoes? Such a huge help, considering she dropped over $100 on shoes for a 4 year old. And bought her a few outfits. It was so much fun though, and Celia got to pick out some really cute things! Yesterday, Celia was at preschool, and my step father stayed back with Seth so my mom and I could run to Costco. My mom had never been, but only heard things about it from me and my brother- she was really impressed! It was great, and I dropped nearly $400 (including renewing my membership, and 3 giant cans of formula). I need to clean out the pantry now so we can fit all of the new food in there! Then today was spent relaxing mostly. I took a 2 hour nap while my mom and stepfather went to visit the National Cathedral, grab lunch and do some shopping. Then our old neighbor called about redoing our bathroom, so he came by to check it out and give us an estimate for the labor. Let's just say that I was thrilled!! He gave us a pretty reasonable price on the labor, and then all we have to do is buy the parts (tile for the bath tub, the new tub, new counter top, maybe a new vanity, tile for the floor). I can't wait to get started on this! As soon as we get our taxes done, we'll have an idea of how much cash we have to play with and I can start shopping! Yeah!!
Celia definitely had fun with her grandparents, and I did too. It was just so good to see my mom, and get to hug her and see for myself that she's OK. Funny how we were both sitting in the hospital at the same time, waiting to find out what was going on with ourselves, and being sick with worry about what was going on in the other hospital 7 hours away. I had no idea she was so worried about me, and she didn't realize how worried about her I was. I'm just so glad that we both ended up OK, and all went smoothly.

Seth is doing beautifully! Even my mom noticed that he's gotten bigger and face has filled out a little in the few days she was here. He still won't latch on at all, though with my mom around I wasn't trying as much as I was. I'll get back to that tomorrow. I think. I'm starting to feel anxious about it and stressed over him not latching, and I'm not sure if it's worth the anxiety to keep trying and getting so frustrated and crying over it. I've definitely been a bit weepy the last few weeks, and it's gotten a bit worse as the anxiety gets worse. I did talk to my OB about it, and he suggested I see a therapist about it, and whatever else may be causing it. He did mention that my GP is actually a patient of his, and suggested I talk to her, considering we've been through a lot of the same things (IF, treatment, and success). He didn't say it in so many words, but I remembered the IF part from when I saw her last year before we decided to move ahead with IVF. She basically said something about not having my hopes up too high for IUIs working right away and to be prepared for it to be difficult. And she mentioned that she also went to SGFC, and saw my OB too. I'm definitely concerned about depression again, especially since I remember the random crying last time, just didn't think anything of it at the time. I'll call and make an appointment with my GP tomorrow, and see if she can recommend a therapist or someone for me to talk to.

I think that's it! Now I'm going to bed, so I can be woken up in 3 hours for a feeding and pumping session.