Tuesday, March 25, 2008

STILL no progress

Just a quick update on how nursing is going. Or I should say isn't going. The boy is very stubborn (not that I'm surprised), and he still refuses to latch on. I haven't gotten him on at all since he was about 10 days old, and that was only once. It's definitely discouraging, and I'm noticing that I'm not trying to get him to latch on nearly as much as I was in the beginning. It's just easier to pump and feed him from a bottle than to spend a half hour fighting with him, watching him scream his head off because he's hungry, and then finally give him a bottle. And I have tried giving him an ounce or two first to get the edge off before trying to nurse, and I still get the same reaction. I'm still pumping like crazy, and am starting to ramp up my supply so I can actually freeze some. I've only got 2 bags in the freezer, but it's a start. I am really loving that we have a chest freezer in the garage, so I'll have tons of room to store it. My initial goal was to get him nursing, and still continue to do it after I go to work, at least before and after. Now, I'm not so sure. I have the pump for another 2 months, so I'd like to be able to be done at that point. But that would mean he'd either have to get with the program and latch on, or just go to formula and whatever breast milk I have in the freezer. Not sure how this is going to work. Especially considering in a month, Celia, Seth and I will be in Buffalo for a week. I didn't plan on bringing the pump with me originally, considering it's a rental and I didn't want to shove it in a suitcase. But now I may not have a choice. I guess we'll see how things go. Maybe he'll figure it all out, which would make my life so much easier. But I am proud that I didn't give up yet. And that he's still getting mostly breastmilk (with the exception of a few ounces of formula every few days or so). I'm just so glad that I didn't have any solid expectations this time around, because I'd be in a tailspin if I had.

On another note, several of my fertile friends just had babies. My friend J (who used to work with me) had a little boy, my co-worker T had a little girl, and a friend of a friend had a boy. Now here's the interesting part about the last girl (B). She has 2 girls. The first, she labored for about 4 hours before delivering. The second, she labored for 2 hours. This time, she didn't make it to the hospital, and ended up delivering her own baby in the front seat of the car. They didn't even pull over! Her husband was driving at warp speeds, but it wasn't fast enough and she ended up delivering while he was driving. Talk about a birth story!