Monday, March 17, 2008

movies and shopping

This was a really great weekend!! Saturday morning started by all of us heading out to take Celia to her gymnastics class. It was her first day as a "super tot", instead of "preschool", and she was SO excited! She loves being in the class with the bigger kids, and did beautifully! She had an absolute blast, and I got to sit and chat with another mom of a girl in Celia's class, they've been taking class together for 8 months, which is cool. We even picked out a new leotard for Celia too, since I had promised to get her a new one when she was moved up to the bigger class. Then after we got home, I pumped, and Celia and I headed over to the movie theatre so we could see Horton Hears a Who! Celia and I had sprite, popcorn and Twizzlers for lunch, which was SO good, and just had a fun girls afternoon. She absolutely loved the movie, and it was cool to see her huge smile, and get excited over certain things that happen in the movie. It was great! Then we went home and had lunch, and went outside to plant some seeds that we had gotten, in the effort to try growing some flowers, herbs and veggies from seeds. It was such a lovely day out! This weather is the main reason why I absolutely love living in Maryland. Spring is the best season!

Yesterday was great too! Started off with me and Celia doing some grocery shopping. Then I came home, pumped, and headed over to Tysons Corner to do some shopping before the meeting of The Order Of The Plastic Uterus! I had planned on getting a new fleece jacket, sneakers, and a spring shirt (that was my mom's idea- new shirt to keep me motivated on the weight-loss thing). I found a great fleece at LL Bean, which I bought in a Large, instead of XL, which actually fits perfectly but I cannot gain any weight, or else it won't zip comfortably. Then I hit J. Jill, and got 2 spring shirts, one is fitted, so again- no gaining weight or else it won't fit! Then I found sneakers at the New Balance store, and they were even on sale! After that, I met up with the gals at Coastal Flats, which was awesome! We had 2 tables, and sat there for about 2 hours, and then chatted outside the restaurant, and a few of us did some shopping. I even found 2 more shirts at Ann Taylor Loft that I liked, so I splurged and got them. I like them even more after trying them on again when I got home too. I could get used to liking how clothes fit me! I still have a long way to go, but it's definitely nice to be more comfortable in my clothes. And I know that I'm still puffy in the abdomen from my surgery, and that it will go down with time.

Tomorrow is the first day that I'm keeping Celia home from preschool. I can't wait to see how it goes. Maybe we'll go to the mall and walk around or grab lunch, or do something fun tomorrow. I'm definitely making Mac N Cheese for dinner tomorrow though. I've watched lots of Food Network lately, and everyone seems to be making MacNCheese from scratch, and it looks amazing! So I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow. And Celia is going to help me, which will be fun. She's funny- her favorite show to watch with me is not Dora, or Little Einsteins...but it's Barefoot Contessa! My favorite cooking show hands down, but she watched it with me once before I had Seth, and got hooked! Now every time we are sitting in front of the TV, she wants to watch Barefoot Contessa. There's one episode in particular that she loves- she's throwing a birthday party for her friend's 11 year old daughter, and makes pizzas and a 3 tier cake that has hot pink frosting. I have now seen that episode 20 times, at least! She wants me to make her the cake for her next birthday. Kind of funny! We actually made pizzas a few weeks ago, and used her dough recipe (which was awesome by the way), and she had SO much fun helping me make the dough. Talk about fun!