Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Busy day

Today, I had a lactation consultant come in to try to help Seth get latched on properly. It was really helpful, even though we had absolutely no luck getting him on. We tried, and she watched my technique, which she was really happy with! She was impressed with my grip (if you don't hold the kid's neck well, it flops everywhere and has no chance of staying put), which was nice. And everything else is really good, he's just too young to be able to latch effectively. He's used to bottles (bad me!), and is used to the fast flow and doesn't want to work for the slower flow yet. But if I keep trying, he will get it. Now, instead of using bottles, I'm using a funky syringe and my finger to feed him. I'll let him suck on my middle finger, and put this hook syringe with the breastmilk in his mouth and let it leak in very slowly, to get him used to a slower flow, and break him of the bottles. So far, it's going well. He seems happy. It was pretty cool too, because the consultant was telling me to relax, and think of serene places that make me happy, like Niagara falls or water falls, or something like that. I said that I love Niagara Falls (being 20 mins from Buffalo), and she mentioned that she used to live near there. Turns out she lived in Buffalo for 40+ years, and lived near where my uncle does. So we chatted about that a little too. Funny how there are always people from Buffalo everywhere I go.

And the other milestone we hit today was that his cord stump fell off! So we were able to give him a real bath tonight. Fun times!

Ugh, off to try to get Celia to stop screaming hysterically and get her to bed.