Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 month check-up

Yesterday, Seth had his 2 month check-up, and all I can say is wow! He's growing SO fast!! For his length (21.75 inches), and head circumference (37 cm), he is in the 5-10th percentiles. His weight, however, is a different story. He weighed 11 pounds, 3 ounces, which puts him in the 50th percentile! Holy crap!! Dr D wasn't concerned with that at all, which was good. The only thing he mentioned was with his head circumference. Apparently at his first visit, he was in the 5th percentile, then at his 1 month visit he was at 10%, and now he's back to 5%. They like to see it more consistent than that I guess, so it's something they'll keep an eye on at his next visit (at 4 months). He said it's probably nothing, but it could potentially be something, whatever that means! I also talked to the doc about Seth's spitting up. He does it a LOT, and usually it comes out of his nose and it seems to irritate him a bit. Dr D did check his nasal passageways to make sure they're open properly by putting a feeding tube up his nose (Seth did not like that much), but they were fine. So he said that Seth has reflux, and that there are varying degrees of it. I'm supposed to try to keep his feedings on the slow side (which they are- he usually takes an hour to eat), hold him upright after a feeding for at least 10 minutes, and prop up his crib mattress with a towel so he's at an angle. Hopefully this will help, and if not I'm supposed to call him on monday and he'll start Seth on Zantac to help with the acid. We'll see how it goes!

After that, we headed over to Lowes to get a faucet for the bathroom sink, and a new faucet/shower head set for the bathtub/shower. That was much easier than at home depot, they actually had some that I liked at Lowes! Then we went to a great Thai restaurant (in the Kentlands, Thai Tanium) to meet up with one of my co-workers for lunch. We had a great time, chatted a bit, and then went home to relax. I caught up on some TV (Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters- no comment on how easy they make IVF look for Kitty), dozed a little, and picked Celia up around 4.

Just 3 more days until we head up to Buffalo for a week! I'm so excited to get to see my family, friends, and just spend time up there. I've got a few things planned, but overall, I'm trying to keep our schedule pretty open. I'm hoping to have time to take a morning or afternoon and head up to Niagara-on-the-lake, in Ontario for a walk, some tea, and some wine. Celia will love it, because this time of year, the streets are all blooming with tons of flowers, and they have some fun shops and restaurants. Did I mention the wine?? They have a dozen or so fantastic wineries up there, and are known for their Icewine. I actually want to get some of my favorite Cab franc from Peller Estates, we had a glass on the first night of our honeymoon (it was the tasting sample at a wine bar in town), and have been drinking it ever since. Thankfully passports aren't necessary for travel to Canada yet, so I can go with the kids. We'll see if it happens though, you never know. I always have great intentions but the follow through sometimes fails.