Sunday, April 13, 2008

not enough time

There really isn't enough time in a day. I am still completely sleep deprived, and can't seem to catch up to save my life. I miss getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time, and lately Seth has only been giving me 2-3 hours. I'm so sleepy!!

However, we have been cramming lots into the days. Last week, the tile came in so that got picked up. And I went to home depot twice to look through the book of special order bathtubs, and finally ordered one. Plus we've been trying to work on the wallpaper in the bathroom, which is being very stubborn. At least the top layer is mostly all off right now.
Here is the tile: The large one is 13"x13" for the floor, the white 4"x8" is "subway" tile for the wall around the bathtub, and will be put up in a brick like pattern (aka subway). The checkerboard one is the accent row that will also be around the tub near the top like a border, and will be the blue (though the tile that we got in isn't quite as dark, it's still a really pretty blue). The green is just an example of the size of the pieces, since the blue sample was broken.

Wednesday, I went shopping for clothes for the husband (and got myself some new PJs too). Thursday, Nathan came home early and we went into Bethesda to see the Kenwood cherry blossoms (lots of trees in bloom without heading into DC). They were just so beautiful- one thing I love about living here. I got some great pics though, and think I'll blow a few up for the new bathroom. Went shopping again on Saturday with my friend R who lives in Fredericksburg. Her hubby was at his last weekend of Reserves, so we met up at Tysons Corner, had a drink and a snack, did some window shopping and then went to a Jewelry party. I was good at the mall, but went a bit overboard at the party. Thank goodness my husband didn't get upset when I told him what I spent! After that, we headed to Wegmans to get dinner and food. I got some of my favorite Buffalo Hot dogs, baked beans, spaghetti sauce, chip dip, and some NYS wine. Then today was an afternoon with The Order Of The Plastic Uterus, which was awesome. Lots of yummy food, and great conversation as always.

Now, onto other things. I completely stopped pumping on Monday night. I had planned on pumping at least a few more times after that, but I didn't need to, I was a little sore, but not full at all, so I let it go. Now I'm fine, and not sore at all. I've got varying emotions on this whole thing. I'm so glad to be done pumping, but I still feel like I should have tried harder. Even though I made it to 7 weeks pumping, and Seth was still refusing to latch on. I've also been in a bit of a mood. Every so often I get a little homesick and miss Buffalo, but it usually isn't that bad and disappears pretty quickly. I may want to move back there, but I don't get homesick. But for some reason, I'm extremely homesick right now. I'm just glad I get to go up there in less than 2 weeks. It will either help, or make it worse. I'm hoping for helping. And I can't stop thinking about starting back at work in a few weeks. I hate that I have to work. I want to spend more time with my son and daughter, and it really is starting to upset me that I'm losing this time in a few short weeks. I'm already having trouble sleeping at night because I can't stop thinking about it. I just really wish I didn't have to go back to work so soon.