Wednesday, April 2, 2008

still sick

Poor Celia is still sick. Not sure what the heck is wrong with her other than that she's got a fever. She says her neck hurts sometimes, but the outside, not the inside. Who knows what she means. Definitely is coughing and sneezing a little, but not enough to be worried. Looks like we'll have a trip to the doc tomorrow morning after my 6 week post partum check up with my OB. Talk about a crappy week to get sick- yesterday we were going to go to DC to see the cherry blossoms, but since she was sick, we were going to wait until tomorrow. But since she's still sick, we'll probably not do that. And it's supposed to rain most of the weekend, so it looks like we'll miss them this year.

We also had our tax prep appointment this morning, so we all ended up going to that. Overall it was better than I thought it would be. We owed big time, but not as much as we had thought. The plus side is that we'll have plenty of cash left to cover our bathroom renovation! And we should get the nice rebate check back in June. And we've got it set up so we'll start pre-paying our taxes this year, so we don't get hit with a huge bill next year. And then we will avoid the penalty we had to pay this year.

Did get a little sad news today. My aunt D, who has been living with and fighting breast cancer for 11 years, is not doing very well. Her blood counts have been awful, and she's having a blood transfusion tomorrow. After her last scans (which showed a lot of spreading), they had to change the chemo she was on, which apparently isn't agreeing with her. My dad is heading down there first thing tomorrow morning, and he said he'd keep me updated. I'm hoping that she does OK tomorrow. I'll definitely be saying a little prayer tonight.