Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8 weeks

I can't believe that Seth is 8 weeks today. It just seems so surreal! I don't know why, but during the whole pregnancy, I couldn't help but feel like something would go wrong and I'd never get to meet him. And once he was born, I had a hard time believing that everything would be OK and he'd still be here by now. But he is, and he's amazing, and he's mine. Just mindblowing. I am finally starting to let myself get attatched to him, which is good.

He's still not sleeping well though, which is not great considering I'm back at work in just 4 weeks. I would be amazed if he started sleeping through the night by then. Especially when he usually wakes up 2 or 3 times. At least now that I'm not pumping anymore, Nathan can take one feeding by himself, so I do get a little relief. He's eating really well, which is so great. He takes about 5-6 ounces at a time, usually every 4 hours or so. I can't wait to see what he weighs at his 2 month visit next week!

Today, I wanted to do something fun with Celia, so we went to ChuckECheese. I told her when we went, that she had to stay dry if she ever wanted to go again. And that she had to listen. She listened really well, and when we got home, she was dry. Since she had had a whole cup of sprite, I told her to check to see if she had to go when we got in the house. Of course, she swore she didn't have to go. BUT the second she got in the house, she kicked her shoe off and it hit me in the head. And it hurt like hell. So I yelled and told her to go to her room so I could compose myself. Two seconds later, I go up to talk to her about how it's not a good idea to kick your shoes off into the air, and she says that she's wet. She hasn't gone a day without an accident in over 2 weeks now, and it's getting REALLY old. Usually it's more like 3-4 accidents too. I have no idea what to do with her. I've tried not reacting, I've tried sending her to her room to change and pretending like it hasn't happened. I've tried asking her often if she has to go, then getting upset when she has an accident. I've gotten angry with her. I've taken things away. She really has to want to stay dry on her own, and it's just not happening. If she wets twice, she has to wear a pull-up for the rest of the day. That doesn't help either. She's wet in front of her friends at school, and it doesn't upset her. Same with our neighbors (who are 7 and 10). I have no idea. I'd wonder if she had a UTI or something, but when she had her fever a week ago, they checked her for that and she was fine. I'm just really losing my patience with her. I love her to pieces, but when she pees two minutes after I ask her to check (and get the token "I don't have to go, don't talk to me" response) or walks up to me and hits me or kicks me for no reason, it's hard to keep that in mind. I expected her attitude to change when Seth was born, but this is a bit extreme. Maybe not, but it does seem that way.