Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Celia's turn

Yesterday morning, Celia got up at 6:30, and Nathan plopped her in front of the TV. Baby got up shortly after, I fed him upstairs and watched some TV. She came up around 8:30, and said she didn't feel good, but her temp felt ok (a little warm, but not hot). I made waffles, had her go get Nathan out of bed, and she came back up. Nathan asked me if I could take a look at her, and she was definitely warm by then (102F). The rest of the afternoon was filled with children's chewable ad.vil, her sleeping on the couch, watching TV, and crying because her whole body hurt and her eyes hurt. Bu dinner, it was up to 104.2F. She relaxed all evening, and went to bed without a fight. At 1, she came back down, now with a 105.2F temp, so more adv.il and back to sleep. This morning, it was still up, but not as high (102 again). I did take her to the doc, because she's had a cough and I wanted to make sure her lungs were clear. Looks like a virus (probably Roseola), with the high temp and fast onset. We're to expect 2-3 more days of fever, and then likely a rash. Gotta love childhood viruses. At least it's not something that will get me sick! I just REALLY hope that the baby doesn't get this one too. I have NO time left at work, and am working from home today (or at least trying to as much as possible). Poor kiddo, is just miserable, even on the ad.vil. It breaks my heart. At least I get to hold her, and give her hugs and kisses like crazy.

Other than that, we had a great weekend! My friend K from the lab I worked in throughout undergrad and grad school, just moved down here. She's my shopping buddy, drinking buddy, food buddy, and I've really missed her a lot! She just graduated from law school (and already had her PhD in Microbiology from my old lab), and is down here for a job after she passes the bar. I'm so excited she's here!! We dropped off a bed to her (since she's a temporary apartment in Baltimore for now) to borrow until she moves to a permanent place near DC. I know she's going to be crazy busy studying, but it will be nice to get to see her when she's in need of a break. I used to go to great restaurants, see shows, and go shopping with her. I am SO excited she's here! Have I said that enough yet?! Anyway, we saw her place in Baltimore, which was cool. Right in the city! Then the fam and I headed over to another friend's place in Columbia for a picnic. Loads of fun to see some people I hadn't seen in a while.

Yesterday I became quite aware that I really do need to be on the Lex.apro. I went grocery shopping yesterday morning, and was looking forward to a whole hour to myself. I left, and got to the store fine, grabbed a skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks and headed for the pharmacy to get my script refilled. Then I started shopping, and all of a sudden I felt extremely alone. And very sad. And VERY alone. I shopped as quickly as I could, and got the hell out of there. I felt off all afternoon, even after I got home. If I'm still reacting like that after starting the meds a few weeks ago, I can't imagine what I'd be feeling without them. I really hate this.

On another note, I did get to take a good nap yesterday afternoon. I crashed at 2, and Nathan woke me up at 5. Apparently I was really tired! Naps are such a good thing. Now I'm off to figure out a plan for some work things. Provided Celia will let me, that is!