Monday, May 14, 2007

1 day left.

Before injections start. I start off tomorrow morning with my injection class, and then promptly following, will go home and get my first injection. I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll just do it myself or have my hubby do it. We'll see how the class goes before any decisions are made. For now, I'm doing all I can not to think about the needles that are in the bathroom closet, and what it all means. Denial is my friend today!

This weekend was an interesting one! We had the wedding Saturday, and left to drive up friday. We got stuck in really horrible traffic (about 10 miles from my house was a huge accident on the expressway, which we sat in for an hour). After we finally broke through the traffic, I realized that I forgot my bcp pack. Since we were already sat in traffic for so long, and there really aren't any back roads to get back to my place without sitting in more traffic and being late for the rehersal, we just proceeded on. The wedding was nice. Celia was the perfect flower girl- I was SO proud of her! Then we left and drove home (instead of staying at the hotel again), so I could take my pill, and so I'd only have missed 1. Thankfully all is good, and only a tiny bit of spotting was the result (that always used to happen to me when I'd miss 1 pill- a little spotting, and then it would disappear as soon as the next pill got in my system). Gladly that part is still predictable. ;) Just a bit annoying, because we still had to pay for the 2nd night in the hotel, even though we checked out at 9:30pm. At least we woke up at home on Sunday, and there was no rush to get back before our appointment at the Discovery room at the library.

My husband and daughter did an amazing job at making this a great Mother's day for me. It was sort of bitter sweet. I had really hoped that I'd have another baby in my arms this year, but that clearly didn't happen. Now all I can do is embrace what I have, and hope that next year will be different. For all of you out there who are still waiting for your miracles, I thought about you a lot yesterday. I definitely realize how completely lucky I am to have had one child...and I only hope that all of you get to experience motherhood soon.