Monday, May 21, 2007

What a weekend!!

Friday, I met up with LJ for drinks and dinner. We had a great time, and I even found out that she knew a girl I knew in Junior High. What a small world! I'm definitely looking forward to meeting up again!

Then Saturday, I did some major shopping. See, my best friend's stagette is this coming weekend, and I may not be able to go due to this cycle. So, I went way overboard and got loads of stuff from Victoria's Secret, and a few gag gifts from Spencers. I was much tamer than she was with me. Let's just say there was a screaming monkey thong for my hubby involved. Anyway, we are at the mall walking around, and my daughter has to go potty (for the 5th time). So I take her in, and since they had a family bathroom, we both went. And I was surprised with the early arrival of AF. I had only taken my last bcp on thursday, and there it was at 1pm on Saturday. So tomorrow morning (I thought they would have said either sun/mon, but it was mon/tues) for my Lu.pron evaluation. Then I'll find out if I can start the stims. I'm SO excited to get going, yet nervous at the same time. My nurse called while I was at work (I was off site at a class today) and left a message on my voice mail. Of course I didn't have my cell with me, so I had my hubby call my voice mail and get the message (my work voice mail sends an e-mail whenever you have a new voice message). Needless to say, it was my nurse, asking me when I was scheduled for, since she expected me today. WTF?? The nurse I spoke with yesterday told me I could schedule for either Monday or Tuesday, and that it didn't matter either way. And when I called for the appointment, they had either 9:45 on monday (and I had a class at 9), or 8 on tuesday, so I went with Tuesday. I'm glad she was on the ball and checking, but it scared me half to death. Thankfully I just called to double check my appt, and it is for 8 tomorrow. Phew!

Apparently I'm more anxious about all of this than I thought I was. Let's hope it doesn't get worse...I finally had the anxiety thing under control!