Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trigger shot

Last night I got home, and went straight for the fridge. At 6pm, I gave myself an injection of Ovi.drel, to trigger ovulation. It's done. Now I wait for AF, and hopefully we can start all over again with NO cysts.

Thankfully, it's a good time for this to happen. Today the manager of my group came over and asked if I could meet with our group at 10 tomorrow. It's a meeting with one of the directors from a different department to see what our options are in the future. As in, when our contract is up, do we have options within the institute or not. She suggested having our resumes together for the meeting tomorrow! Which means...I need to find my resume, and update it. And it's 2 years old, and updated to my LAST position. Man do I have some major work to do! Yikes. I hate selling myself. At least after this meeting, I'll know how I feel about staying at my current place of employment. And whether or not to really start looking for something else.

And on a good note- I'm working on setting up an acupuncture appt! I've talked to a few people, and I've narrowed it down to 2. One in Bethesda, and one in gaithersburg. Both women, one has had a lot of experience dealing with infertility (she claims it as a specialty), and the other I have a phone consult with tonight so I'll find out about her then. One is under my insurance plan (but not covered since it's not for pain), and the other is not. One is close to me, the other is not. We'll see!! I think I'm odd in that for an acupuncturist and a massage therapist, I want to have women...but for my RE and OB/GYN I have men. Not sure where my thought process is on that one!