Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And the decision is...

I trigger tonight, and stay on Lupron for until I get my next period. I go in on tuesday to make sure that I did ovulate, and we'll go right into the next cycle from here. As soon as AF shows up, I get to go in for day 2 bloodwork and hopefully start stims.

Now the problem here... IF this actually works...I may end up missing my best friend's wedding. The one where I'm matron of honor. Yikes. Thankfully at her stagette, she took me aside and we talked. She told me that even if I have to miss the wedding, she really will understand. She's so supportive- I wish she lived closer!

And my car- is fixed!! It wasn't the transmission. Some valve went, so they fixed it. All for the price tag of $440.40. And it wasn't covered by the warranty. Oh well! I'm actually in a good mood. I expected to ahve to start bcp again and all that again!