Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And here it is.

I picked these up after the consult with my RE last friday. I put them in the cupboard in Celia's bathroom (it's next to the kitchen), and haven't thought about them since. Or at least I'm working hard to not think about them. I do tend to look at the closet when I give Celia her bath. And when I'm laying down at night trying to fall asleep. I dont' know why I'm so anxious about starting the injections. I still have 1 week, and the class is next week (the same day as the injections start. The RE talked a lot about OHSS, which has me really concerned. I really don't want to end up with that, but apparently it's a real risk since I have PCOS.

I did take an hour today to really treat myself! My SIL is getting married this weekend, so I needed a hair cut! I had a class for work today, on Photoshop, and it ended early. So I stopped by and the salon I go to had a spot available for me! So I finally got a hair cut. It feels so great to get that done, it has been a bit. Now I can go to the wedding and feel great, and hopefully not worry about who's going to be the first to ask me "So when is #2 coming??".