Sunday, May 27, 2007


Friday afternoon I heard from my nurse D with the estrogen results. They were not great...they were up to 85 (from 71 on tuesday). And with the 2 cysts, obviously I couldn't start stims yet. So it's Lu.pron until tuesday when I get another scan and blooddraw. I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that this cycle will be cancelled. I'm so crushed, but there's not hing I can do about it. If my body won't cooperate, it won't cooperate. The only good thing was not worrying about stims while on the road, and at my friend's stagette. We really had a blast! The pole dancing class was much more fun than I thought it would be, and the Chocolate Bar was as good as I remembered. I had a nice Chocolate martini, and ordered a bottle of champagne for us to toast the bride to be. She was definitely surprised at the gifts I got her, and I loved the reaction to a few of them. Overall it was a good weekend. Annoyingly though, both yesterday and today, I've had headaches. First time since starting the Lu.pron. It's definitely hard to make a 7 hour drive when exhausted, head achey and moody. Not much fun. At least we're home now, and I can just relax and take it easy tonight. And we don't have to work tomorrow!

The bad news- my car is pretty much dead. I was driving home on friday, and the engine light went on. Within 30 seconds, it became clear that the transmission was the problem. Tuesday morning (after my monitoring appt), I get to have my car towed to the dealer, and see what the problem is. Thank goodness we bought the extended warranty, so it should be covered. Just another thing to stress me out. I'm seriously thinking about finding and trying accupuncture.